Moving Forward in 2017

During the last half of 2016 your State Association along with Housing Now has been working on developing new affordable housing opportunities along Honolulu’s new rail route. We have engaged our city officials along with Honolulu city council members, and our voice has been heard. Most recently the council passed Bill 58, [click here] regarding the disposition of In Lieu fees paid by large condominium developers. Starting in 2017 In Lieu fees will deposited into the city’s Housing Development Special Fund and can only be used to develop affordable ownership or rental housing for individuals and families whose income is between 30 and 80% of Hawaii’s adjusted median income.

We have also been speaking with the newly appointed Chairs and Vice Chairs or the legislature’s House & Senate Housing Committees. We have been well received and we believe that legislature is committed to allocating more money into housing and homeless programs. They are keenly aware that we need to start building more affordable housing now, however we will need your support to ensure that we affordable housing remains a legislative priority.

So please join advocacy effort by emailing our Director of Community Engagement, George Massengale at:

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