Moving Forward in 2017

During the last half of 2016 your State Association along with Housing Now has been working on developing new affordable housing opportunities along Honolulu’s new rail route. We have engaged our city officials along with Honolulu city council members, and our voice has been heard. Most recently the council passed Bill 58, [click here] regarding […]

Happy New Year from Hawaii Habitat for Humanity!

Aloha Friends and Family, As we celebrate the New Year with loved ones, please take time to reflect on how fortunate we are to have the opportunity to help those in need within our community. We are grateful to the volunteers and donors who have given countless hours in contributing their talents, skills, and funds […]

Hawai‘i Habitat, “By the Numbers”

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510 Homes to date (Approximately 2,000 individuals) 343 New 28 Rehabs 138 Repairs 1 Recycle 42 Homes in 2015 (Approximately 125 individuals) 7 Affiliates 7 ReStores (generating @ $2.5 million/year) 50+ Employees 15+ Communities

The Need for Affordable Housing in Hawai‘i

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About 17% of Hawai‘i residents live in poverty, the 7th highest poverty rate in the nation [1] As a state, Hawai‘i has the costliest housing market in the nation [2]; it also has the third lowest rate of homeownership [3] About 52% of Hawai‘i’s homeless families include one or more adults who are working full- or part-time, but […]

Why Is Homeownership Especially Important for Low-Income Families?

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Homeownership can help break the cycle of poverty by allowing families to accumulate wealth through home equity; for low-income families, housing wealth often equals total wealth [1] Higher rates of homeownership correspond with increased household and neighborhood stability [2] and a reduction in violent crime in a neighborhood [3] Compared to renters, children of homeowners are more likely […]