Hawai‘i Habitat, “By the Numbers”

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510 Homes to date (Approximately 2,000 individuals) 343 New 28 Rehabs 138 Repairs 1 Recycle 42 Homes in 2015 (Approximately 125 individuals) 7 Affiliates 7 ReStores (generating @ $2.5 million/year) 50+ Employees 15+ Communities

The Need for Affordable Housing in Hawai‘i

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About 17% of Hawai‘i residents live in poverty, the 7th highest poverty rate in the nation [1] As a state, Hawai‘i has the costliest housing market in the nation [2]; it also has the third lowest rate of homeownership [3] About 52% of Hawai‘i’s homeless families include one or more adults who are working full- or part-time, but […]

Why Is Homeownership Especially Important for Low-Income Families?

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Homeownership can help break the cycle of poverty by allowing families to accumulate wealth through home equity; for low-income families, housing wealth often equals total wealth [1] Higher rates of homeownership correspond with increased household and neighborhood stability [2] and a reduction in violent crime in a neighborhood [3] Compared to renters, children of homeowners are more likely […]