How long after I sign up will I start saving money?

PV and Solar hot water panels 2Once Hawaii Habitat has your paperwork, we will immediately send in the Net Energy Meter (NEM) permit application to the local power company (HECO, MECO, HELCO, and Kauai Coop).   Permit approval typically takes two to six weeks.

Once the approval is received from the electric company, the PV provider will apply for a County electrical permit. This typically takes another two to four-weeks. Once the local electrical permit is received the PV provider will schedule a date with you for installation. This typically occurs within the next two to four weeks. Installation of the system will generally take approximately two days.

Generally the total time is 8 to 14 weeks from the receipt of your signed application materials (depending upon your local electric company).

After the system is installed the local electric company will come to your home to inspect and accept the system as well as change out your electrical meter for a new Net Meter. This typically takes one to two weeks depending upon your electrical company. Once that is done the system is fully operational and your savings can begin. Our goal is to get you online and operational as soon as we can.


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